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Dear Business Owner,

If you are a business owner that wants to develop a reputation of availability and reliability without spending time chasing down reviews and spending hours on the phone, Then you have to read this page.

Everyone in business knows your reputation precedes you in all that you do. Maintaining a high quality reputation to display to future clients can be time-consuming and aggravating especially when you’re on the phone begging someone for a review knowing they most likely will not follow through.

But, instead of spending your time calling around to get people to fill out your review form, you should be on the phone talking to new clients and closing deals.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Joel Ortiz. I’ve been helping loan officers with their Facebook ads for about a year now and I really dialed in the best process on how to turn the information submitted to Facebook into applications for pre-qualification.

Often, we get leads coming in at a constant flow, but it always sucks when the texting and emails go quiet.

About six months ago I started to experiment on my own by creating ads just for the heck of it and talk to people about their mortgage needs. Some days are good and the people would respond fairly quickly, but it often happened No matter how much I promised them I could get them a better loan or Showed them lower percentage rates they just would not respond to my inquiries.

luckily, One day I hit Pay Dirt. I realized Your reputation will explode your response rate. You see, I simply took my Google verified reviews and sent a text blast to every single lead I had saying, 

” hey Jim, I just wanted to show you what Susie had to say about my loan services…” and I pasted a screenshot of the review…

and my responses blew up my phone and my pre qualification application pipeline was full.

Why should you care?

Reputation is key FOR ALL BUSINESES.

Do you think you will do better business with a google listing looking like this…

Or one full of raving reviews

If you do not have a way to automatically get reviews and respond to missed phone calls despite your own efforts, you’re missing out on the leverage that it can bring to your business.

I would like to introduce you to my newest service


When you purchase local biz connect today, you will receive the following services:

  1. Missed call follow up: missed calls will receive an automatic text message from my AI robot continuing the sales process
  2. Automated reviews: Your Google my business listing will be automatically updated with reviews from your past customers
  3. Professional marketing: Your outgoing messages will be written by a professional marketer with copy writing skills

These three items will help maintain your reputation– Immediately! and help you Escape the time vacuum of chasing people trying to get referrals & updates.

We will Instantly handle all the follow and STOP needless worry about reputation management – For All Time!

If you fail to pick up local biz connect you are bound to find that you will be wasting your time and efforts begging others to give you reviews when your time is better spent talking to new clients and offering your services to them and you will spend a minimum $100 more per month on less software

A wise man once told me, “spend your time on revenue-generating tasks and automate the rest.” -Joe Mcfall

So just to repeat when you purchase my reputation automation service today you will receive

  1. AI robot missed call text follow up
  2. Automated Google verified reviews
  3. Professional copy writing and marketing practices

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you purchase local biz connect today you’ll be covered by a 15  day full satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason you may contact us and request a refund with 15 days.

Simply send me an email requesting cancellation before the end of your 15th Day and your purchase will be refunded.

Local biz connect is currently available at our new service launch price of $197 per month

Just purchasing a chatbot alone can cost you upwards of $100 per month

And the same goes for a custom review software system.

But when you take advantage today,

You get the services above, my custom marketing expertise and copy writing services to craft the perfect solution to your problem.

In addition to monthly pay, I am offering a yearly discount package for 10 months worth of payments.

That’s right, local biz connect is a total of $2364 over the course of a year, but when you pay now you will receive everything for $2154

In addition I am offering a bonus

Bonus #1:

When you sign up during our new service launch period You will receive a FREE email autoresponder.

With your autoresponder you will be able to:

  • Set up automated email sequences
  • Follow up with your leads passively
  • Email blast all your leads whenever you want
  • And much more

Bonus #2:

FREE CRM Database.

With your CRM you will be able to:

  • Store all leads that come into your business
  • Assign tasks to different employees with due dates
  • Stay organized like a pro
  • And much more
However, Because we want you to harness the FULL POTENTIAL of our software, there is a 1x setup fee of $100

Simply choose your package below before our service launch discounts end.